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Stefan Schunke, Master Dental Technician

Creating natural- and functional-based occlusion (Moderator)

Saturday, September 21th, 2013
Stefan Schunke, Master Dental Technician



Stefan Schunke was born in Leverkusen in 1958 and began his apprenticeship as a dental technician in Leverkusen in 1976.
After passing his apprenticeship certificate examination in 1981 he was confronted with a course in wax-up techniques and gnathology for the first time. Since then the occlusal relief in a healthy functional and esthetic set of teeth has always fascinated him and, as a result, he wanted to learn more about the basic concepts and master this art. This is why he went to Düsseldorf to work with Mr Bölte, MDT, for three years and during this time he passed his Master Craftsman’s Certificate. Following this he attended several courses which helped him to expand his expert knowledge. In doing so he recognized the value of the biomechanical wax-up concept according to M. H. Polz. In 1988 he moved to the Dental Laboratory of M. H. Polz and became a partner in 1989. From 1992 to 1997 Mr M. Polz Jr. and Stefan Schunke held the positions of partner and company owner of this laboratory, respectively and since 1997 he has been the sole owner of this laboratory.
In addition, he has always been very interested in the combined use of techniques, such as the milling technique whereby he concentrate on the double-crown technique as well as attachment and lock techniques. This field also includes casting and the resulting preparation and moulding methods.
Stefan Schunke subsequently learned about esthetic and technical planning of components from colleagues such as W. Geller and R. Janousch and, in particular, U. Schoberer and W. Gebhardt. However, he was also able to deepen his knowledge of aspects concerning soft and hard tissue management and implantology by working together with Dr. M. Schlee.
For several years he worked in the Bensheim work group which was led by D. Schulz.
Furthermore, he also work as a facilitator, course leader and speaker nationally and internationally (Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Russia, Japan, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, USA, Italy, Korea, China, Great Britain, Lithuania, Serbia).

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