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Luc Rutten, Master Dental Technician

Esthetics and Soft tissue health around implants – Outcomes for long term predictability

Wednesday, September 18st, 2013
Workshop: 9:00-12:00
Luc Rutten


The aim of this treatment planning session is to in team approach identify and optimally control those factors that contribute to overall soft tissue health and stability in dental implant treatment. These include implant design, abutment type and shape, restoration contour and a meticulously and scrupulously executed sequence of clinical procedures.


Luc Rutten graduated in dental technology at the Dental Technician School "Anneessens" in Brussels/Belgium. After receiving his Master Degree he moved to Cologne/Germany to specialize in different milling techniques and ceramic layering techniques. He lectured regularly all over Europe, in Australia, India, Israel, Japan, Saudi-Arabia, South-Africa and USA. In addition to numerous publications in international dental journals on a regular basis in the field of esthetic implantology and esthetics in general, Luc is co-author of several text books and authored the books "Implant Aesthetics" and "C, B and I: The Art of Harmony". Luc maintain a dental laboratory in Tessenderlo/Belgium, dedicated to ceramic restorations and esthetic implantology.

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