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Udo Plaster, Master Dental Technician

Estetic and Function: Recognizing and Exploiting Natural Interrelations

Friday, September 20th, 2013
Session 2: 14:00-14:30
Udo Plaster, Master Dental Technician


Interdisciplinary comunication in daily dental practice is a very usual rutine, and not enough attention is given to this extremely important part of the treatment process. Color of the teeth offen is the only reason why dentists comunicate with their dental technitians. However, the important aspects of the treatment should be discussed intensely in the team, involving dentist, dental technitian and patient, and this should lead to the overall esthetical and functional outcome. The significance of the details, such as facial and head lines, head position as well as musculature, should also be considered.
This lecture provides an in-depth look to the guidelines seeking natural restoration of dental esthetics and function. There is a number of questions each dentist or dental technitian should keep in mind: do we observe compensations in patient's facial mimic or body position? In which level – sceletal or muscular – is this compensation noticed? Does the patient have any complaints about these compensations? Are any causes, such as extracted teeth or loss of vertical dimension of occlusion, detected? Are those conpensations regressive? And what consequences would we face if we leave the situation unchanged? An analysis of these questions will help to diagnose the existing functional deficit as well as to plan further steps of the treatment.


1987-1990 studied dental technology. Holds Master Dental Tehnitian certificate (since 1997, achieved in Dusseldorf, Germany). Head of dental technology laboratory "Plaster Dental-Technik" in Nuremberg (Germany), specializes in production of esthetical-functional teeth restaurations. One of the dental excelence laboratory network cofounders. Member and lecturer of DGZ., ICCMO., EADT. Courses and lectures in gnatalogy, ceramic restaurations. In 2007 announced as best lecturer in Germany by ADT (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dentale Technologie).

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