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Yoshihiko Mutobe, DDS, PhD

State of the art of manually fabricated esthetic restorations

Saturday, September 21st, 2013
Session 2: 11:25-11:50
Yoshihiko Mutobe, DDS, PhD


The demand generated by the growing appreciation of a more aesthetically attractive nature of a patient's mouth has increased. Thus prosthetic dentistry with a form approximating that of natural teeth has come to be required not only in the incisal part, but also in the molar part. This development has resulted in demands for color tones in that area.
In recent years, the further clinical application of all ceramic crowns being of high intensity, which has brought the color tone and light transmittance state closer to that of a natural teeth, has seen a rise in their being chosen for use as the restoration material.
Zirconia system using CAD/CAM is the most recent of the ceramic system to become popular. Zirconia has high bending strength and a destructive toughness value, and its adaptation range has been spreading markedly with the reliable of intensity. To recover a healthy and beautiful mouth and to maintain it in that condition, it is important that it is engaged in medical treatment, making full use of state-of-the-art technology in which both the dentist a kind of craftsmen, and the dental technician become skillful and exchange their highly knowledgeable information mutually and clearly. Only by having left all to the beautiful ceramic restoration piece that an excellent dental technician merely manufactures, a long-term prognosis in dental aesthetics cannot be expected.
In this lecture, there are three main topics about (1) the importance of provisional restoration which is in union with periodontal tissues at chair-side to secure prognosis for a long time, (2) the method of how to adjust subgingival contour of provisional crown to make a symmetry of gingival level at right & left sides and (3) the benefits of press-system which can make a 3-D copy of provisional crown.
To produce an excellent result of esthetic restoration, playing respective role of dentist and technician in my view is introduced with some clinical cases.


In 1961: Born in Kyoto
In 1986: Graduate from Asahi University faculty of Dentistry
In 1986: Be a member of the 1st prosthetics lecture group in Faculty of Dentistry of Osaka University
In 1998: Be an assistant in the hospital of Faculty of Dentistry of Osaka University
In 2004: Receive a Doctor of Medical Dentistry in Osaka University
In 2007: Start own practice located in Osaka

• Part-time Lecturer in faculty of Dentistry of Osaka University
• Administration officer, Boardman and Certified Dentist of Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
• Dental Specialist of Japan Prosthodontic Society

• He designed the logo mark of Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
• In "Yokohama 96" Technical contest, he awarded first Grand Prix with his skull-bone sample as a dentist
• From Quintessence, he received the "Excellent Article Award" and the "Excellent Clinical Article Award" in 2000 QDT of the year
• He received the "Dentsply Award" at Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry in 2006

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