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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Hickel

Direct vs. Indirect Esthetic Restorations: Introduction

Friday, September 20th, 2013
Session 2: 10:45-12:15
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Hickel


Higher Education/Training:
1981 Assistant Professor and Dr.med.dent./PhD (Neuro-Physiology)
1986 Associate Professor, Dr.med. habil.
1990/91 Professor at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg for Conservative Dentistry
since 1992 Chairman of Department for Conservative Dentistry (Restorative and Endo), Periodontology and Paediatric Dentistry of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich

Professional Affiliations:
Member of 10 international and 6 national dental associations or academies.
Member of Editorial Boards of 10 Journals (e.g. American Journal of Dentistry, Dental Materials, Clin Oral Investig, J Prosthetic Dentistry, J Adhesive Dent, J Comp Dent etc.)
Associate Editor of Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry

Main subjects of research:
Clinical studies
New restorative materials (especially composite, GIC, ceramic-inlays, veneers, CAD-CAM-systems),
minimally invasive dentistry,
detection & diagnostic systems Toxicology and side effects of restorative materials

antibacterial approaches in Endodontology, Periodontology, Restorative Dentistry (e.g. Laser, Ozone etc.)
Prevention, paediatric dentistry
Wear and erosion

over 400 publications, 6 books, 25 book chapters

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