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Press Releases

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Requests Concerning the Scientific Program

For requests concerning the scientific program please contact:

Birgit Dohlus
Press officer of the DGÄZ
Tel.: +49-30-30 82 46 82
E-Mail: info@zahndienst.de


Wolfgang Boer
Press officer of the DGÄZ
Tel.: +49-2251-78 10 20
E-Mail: wolfgang.boer@t-online.de


Media Accreditation

To accredit yourself to the congress please fill in the appropriate form and send it to:

Saskia Lehmkühler
Quintessence Publsihing House
Tel.: +49-30-761 80 624
Fax: +49-30-761 80 692
E-Mail: lehmkuehler@quintessenz.de

Please send us the reports, blogs, articles and interviews you made about IFED 2013 in electronic form (PDF or similar).

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