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Dental Technology

Greetings from the Patron of the Dental Technology Program

Klaus Müterthies

Dear friends of contemporary esthetic dentistry,

It was with ART ORAL that I discovered my true passion for our profession, more than 25 years ago. The passion that unites us is allowed us to develop professional sophistication and highly advanced skills, providing us with a deep understanding of the core and the mission of our work. I have happily succumbed to this passion and the magic of our profession that is an art as much as a craft. Practicing any art requires patience, understanding, and tolerance – and the same is true of the work of the dental technician when it is elevated to rank with the most noble of arts.

Once technicians and their work have matured, function and esthetics alike will present themselves with incredible lightness and simplicity. And esthetics will always prevail.

I would like to see this 2013 Congress of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry work like my ART ORAL, a bridge that closes the gap between the patient, the dentist, and the dental technician, all three united in their quest for a solution without compromise, yet easily manageable and with minimal risk.

I would be very happy if we could enjoy the upcoming event together in this spirit.

Kind regards,

Klaus Müterthies
Patron of the IFED Dental Technology Program

Greetings from the Committee of the Dental Technology Program

Siegbert Witkowski, MDT  Ralf Barsties, MDT

Dear colleagues,

The German Association of Esthetic Dentistry (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde, DGÄZ) was founded in 1992 by highly dedicated master dental technicians. The founding members were far-sighted enough to appreciate the great and increasing importance of dental esthetics and to realize that esthetic restorations are a goal that can only be successfully pursued on a professional par with committed dentists. Today, DGÄZ is a renowned professional association with more than 2.300 members (both dentists and dental technicians). As such, it will be a leading part of the World Congress of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry, to be held in Munich from 18 to 21 September 2013. A world-class slate of professional sessions is currently being compiled under the professional patronage of Klaus Müterthies the world recognized master ceramist.

DGÄZ and the international congress are very much in keeping with the spirit of the times in prosthodontics and dental technology, featuring new as well as time-proven esthetic and design options. State-of-the-art therapeutic approaches combined with current materials make for successful restorations – tailor-made solutions for the well-informed and demanding patient of today.

The IFED World Congress is set to live up to these high expectations with a broad and inclusive concept that appeals to dentists and dental technicians alike. It will also offer welcome opportunities for personal encounters. The program will cover all relevant topics and issues. Renowned international speakers will be presenting their procedures and respond to questions from the audience. The event will highlight topics and issues and address them in panel discussions with eminent experts in their fields. Topics such as layered versus monolithic restorations or physical wax-ups versus on-screen design reflect recent computerization trends in the industry, with exciting potential paradigm shifts.

We would like to invite you, too! Be inspired and get ready for the future! Munich on the first Oktoberfest weekend is a superlative destination. The World Congress is a unique opportunity to experience, together with colleagues from other disciplines, what continuing education has to offer. See you in Munich!

Siegbert Witkowski, MDT
Program Committee Dental Technology    
Ralf Barsties, MDT
Program Committee Dental Technology    
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